At Bay Ridge Pediatrics, we understand your worries and concerns. We are parents too. In this corner we try to address most of your questions and concerns. If you still have any questions beyond the information given in this website, please contact us. We are always there for you.

Expecting Parents

Congratulations mom and dad! It is almost time for delivery. We at Bay Ridge Pediatrics know how anxious this time is, especially for new parents. We want your experience to be as easy and happy as possible. We are committed to helping you care for your newborn and keeping them happy and healthy. We recommend, especially for new parents, to schedule a prenatal visit with Dr. Alwani. This visit will give a new mom and dad a chance to tour our office, meet our staff, and ask any questions you might have. 

If you want Dr. Alwani to be your baby’s pediatrician in the hospital where you will be delivering, you need to inform your obstetrician and birthing room staff that you are requesting Dr. Alwani to see your newborn baby in the hospital. The hospital staff will contact Dr. Alwani and he will see your baby in the hospital within 24 hours of birth.  If you are delivering your baby in a hospital which Dr. Alwani is not affiliated with, you can come to see Dr. Alwani in his office after your baby is discharged from the hospital, preferably within 48–72 hours of discharge.